Sunday, May 1, 2011

Reality of Rexburg

Well it has been two weeks here in Idaho! So much has happened! I have started school again. I was quickly brought to reality that I was a little rusty with school and needed to learn some habits again. I have had to make adjustments to my life to learn how to prioritize and keep a planner. Overall my classes are pretty easy except for my Textiles class. Which it is getting easier but I was very overwhelmed with 125 different fabrics and the teacher told us we would need to identify all 125 by the end of the semester to pass the class. I have started to learn how to identify each fabric and what their differences are. My favorite class so far is a tie between Marriage and Book of Mormon. The objective of the class Marriage is to learn how to help others with their marriage as well as prepare us to have a successful marriage of our own. In the class of 30 only 5 are married. I have learned already how to identify trends in my family that could be a trend in my marriage and the family I will one day make. My other favorite class Book of Mormon is probably because I have the coolest teacher ever. He digs deep into what it says and how we can make it our own reality. He makes it so real and understandable. I have already made many new awesome friends. I was called as the 2nd Counselor in the Relief Society this week, this has allowed me to better understand that the Lord truly knows who I am and what my potential in life is. In each of our wards (congregations) there is a women’s group as known as relief society. There is a president for each and she has assistants or what we call counselors. There are two counselors, one over Sunday lessons, and one for monthly activities to bring the women closer together. I am the one over activities, which is really fun for me (I will be able to use my sisterhood ideas from ADPi and apply it here). In the church we are given callings or jobs to serve in church. This is my first adult calling and it is kind of a big deal and very scary. There are 30 girls in Relief Society and we have 3 Relief Societies in our ward. Rexburg has some pretty interesting things to it. There are married people who have babies everywhere! I have picked up the habit when I look at a guy is to look to see if he has a ring on. Which the majority of the time he does! This makes the reality of me being at marrying age a bigger issue!
            Not being in Texas becomes more and more a reality everyday. I am not there to share the small and special moments with the people I care for the most for. J is going to have her baby very soon and I would do anything to be with her during these last days of her pregnancy. L has met the man of her dreams and I am not there to help her plan her outfits for the dates or waiting after to hear every detail. I will not be there when she is planning every detail of her wedding (hopefully that will happen to this “Mr. Right”).  From what I have heard he is wonderful and treats her like a real lady. I think I might need to make a date a little more often with the treadmill so that when the time comes for a bridesmaid dress I will be in shape. When my best friend comes home from tech school I wont be there to welcome him home. I am not there to wake my sister up for school or to be waiting when she gets home to go for a sonic run. I am not there to meet my mom after work for dinner for Sushi. I am not there to go eat breakfast with my dad late at night because that is the best time to people watch at the Waffle House.

The Reality of Rexburg is setting in