Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers make a difference

Well since it mothers day and I am not with my own mother. I thought I would blog about my mom and all the mothers figures in my life.
First I want to talk about my great-grandmothers. They were all very different women. This is all from the information that has been shared with me through my parents and family members. First I want to talk about my maternal great-grandmothers. "Grandma Esther" Rodriguez was a woman of hard work and service. She owned a bakery with "Grandpa" and they often made money in other ways. She was the one we give the most thanks to for joining the church. She served many missionaries in the last years of her life. When I see missionaries I often have the desire to feed them and serve those who so diligently serve the lord just as she did. Grandma Gutierrez was a woman that would do anything to provide for her children and ultimately brought her children over to America from Mexico. Now to my paternal great-grandmothers. I don't know anything about my grandfathers mother. This is something that has caused me to increase my dedication to genealogy a little more. But my maternal great-grandmother I know quite a bit about! "Maw Fulton" as she was known by was a woman who knew how to raise children she raised 11. Her husband Billy Bob was a Captain of a Fort in West Texas. She not only cared for the children she had brought into this world but also the many solders. After they left the fort she continued to cook for all she came in contact with.

 Now my two grandmother both I never had a single conversation with but have felt their love everyday of my life. My maternal grandmother Zelma was a woman of perservence and handwork which she probably learned from her mom. She did everything she was told she wouldn't be able to do. She was pregnant at 15, had two kids after that then put herself through nursing school. I am amazed that she was a dropout then became a RN. She often served those who could not speak english by translating for them. She made sure my mother and her two other children went to church weekly. She had an understanding that the gospel would effect the lives of her children and future generations. She left this earth what we think is too soon. I know that she has a greater calling on the other side helping and cheering on her posterity. Her legacy of diligence and hard work lives through me. She set the bar of a higher education now as her granddaughter 30 years later at such an easy time for women to gain an education I must follow. Now my paternal grandmother "Me-maw"I believe has given me my homemaking side. My grandmother could make anything and make it into a meal. She loved my grandfather so much she served him till the day he died. That is something that I have learned that when you serve someone you will also have to love them. My Me-maw was a leader in her family she was the oldest girl. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's before I was born. Even though she was not able to talk to us or leave her bed she was able to bring our family together during the least likely times.

Now on to motherlike figures. Beginning with Robin Petty. She has been able to be an example in my life much like a mother. She has been there to hold me tight during sad and dark time as well as be there to share joyful experiences. Then there is her daughter Rachel who has been there to teach me all the girly things about me how to bake the perfect cookie, wear the right lipgloss, pick the best smelling lotion, and listen to best music. Then there is Pat Finch she believes in me and inspires me to follow my heart. I see her as a mother in many ways. She has been there to teach me to learn from my lessons and move to my next journey.

A mother that has recently changed my views of motherhood is my Sister in Law Brooke. She has sacrificed so much to raise my two adorable nephews. Even though she could easily have a career she has dedicated her time to serving her family. I couldn't ask for a better mother to raise my sweet nephews.

Then there is Jessica, the very soon to be mother. She is already an inspiring mother. She has completely changed her life for the betterment of her child. Jessica thinks about her child's future everyday and what is best for him. I am grateful she has been put in my life so I can turn to her when I have my own children.

And now there is my Aunt Esther who I think is the best substitute to my own mother. She has spent many hours on school field trips, shopping trips, trips to the gym, making cds to heal my broken heart, and simply being there when I need her. Even though she doesn't have any children of her own if you simply walked into her home you would think she had two girls from all the pictures of my sister and I. I have learned from her what  a proper young woman acts like. I learn each day that we must share the talents we have been given with all. She is an amazing cook and musically inclined!

And finally where would I be without my best friend my mother. I often say we were best friends in heaven and told god we would go to earth as mom and daughter because that is as close as we could get. I am who I am today because of her. She teaches me something new every single day. She taught and continues to teach me to counsel with the lord in all my doings! She reminds me of who god made me to be. She is a woman of faith and dedication. She loves the lord and trusts in him in all that she does. My mother loved me so much she taught what my savior can do for me. She gave me opportunities to trust in lord or to turn my back towards him and have to find my way back. My mom threw the best birthday parties, made the best gifts, went to every school function, field trip, school party, always made a gift to give at the school party, was the best editor for every paper I have ever wrote, best homework checker, best lunch maker, never missed a game, concert, or performance, had the best advice after a hard day, breakup, fight with a friend, and so much more. She has been my best friend since I was born ask her she can testify to that. As little kid and now an adult I would rather be with my mom than with friends.

I love my mother and hope that one day god will trust and bless me with children so I can be a mother like my own and all the mothers in my life.