Monday, April 18, 2011

Learning about Fry Sauce

Today we decided around dinner time to go on an adventure. I told the roommates I had never had fry sauce so they were determined for me to try it. Chelsea is from IF(Idaho Falls which is about 30 minutes from here) so she told us about this place called Bambinos. It has pizza in scones and calzones. They also have fry sauce! We drove by the one here in Rexburg and it was called. We looked online for  a phone number of the one in Rexburg nothing! So after about 15 minutes of driving around we found the one in Rigby and called no answer. Then we found IF's number. They said they did close the Rexburg one but the one in Rigby was open. Rigby is ten minutes south in between Rexburg and IF. We then headed south on the adventure of FRY SAUCE. We found it! It was absolutely amazing! I can't believe Texas doesn't have it! My roomies are so different than one another. We balance each other out very well.