Thursday, July 7, 2011

What an Adventure!

Well the semester is just about over and I am just now blogging about two months of it. I have two weeks left with four of the most amazing girls I know. We have grown, laugh, cried, been insane with each other and in two weeks it will all be over. We will never live together again. We are all so very different but it makes our apartment unique and exciting.
Some fun things I have done with them:

  • Made sunday dinner together
  • Went to Chelsea's property out at the sand dunes to ride 4 wheelers and have a bonfire
  • Made cakes, cookies, cupcakes, or any sweet and took it to over to some well deserving men's apartment(We might have had alliterative motives)
  • Pulled our mattresses into the living room to sleep in the living room
  • Jumped from the couch into our mattresses
  • Made a Kristen sandwich using the mattress as the bread
  • Spent hours in the bathroom talking about our love lives or lack of it together
  • Watched Morgan spend two weeks learning to shuffle
  • Convinced Shay the man of her dreams was slipping away and took part of her winning his heart back (She put her favorite flower with a card that said "I choose you" on his bed)
  • Listened to Morgan have a talk with the guy that was just texting her at 1 in the morning but wouldn't ask her on a date without him ever knowing
  • Was a crying shoulder when Nicole's town and neighboring town Joplin was hit by the Tornado
  • Danced in the car late at night with Morgan
  • Waited up to hear about Chelsea's date 
  • Ate plenty of Cookie monsters (Half baked chocolate chip cookies with ice cream and chocolate syrup on top)
  • Played connect the dots or talked through pen and church programs with Morgan
  • Went on random Froyo runs with Nicole
  • Most recently planked with Nicole and Morgan and Heidi(my future roommate)
There is so much more that I have left out.
Now I get to talk about Heidi!

Heidi Elizabeth Bitton were do I begin?
Well lets just say we hit it off from the beginning. She is a Southern Belle just like myself and I believe that is why we instantly became friends. Heidi is from Madison, Alabama and honestly has a heavier accent then I could ever think about. We initially were just friends nothing big. I am her second counselor, in our church we have a society for women its called Relief Society. Heidi is our president and called me to be her second counselor (I am in charge of the fun activities). After I came home from visiting Texas she asked if I wanted to move upstairs with her. Well since June 1st we have spent almost everyday together laughing, chatting about boys, learning about each other, cooking, getting into things together, and so much more. She is so fun and bubbly. Lauren you are going to read this and lets just say she is my Shelby. We can spend hours laughing about stupid things and lets just say she has the sarcasm like Shelby. I can't wait to live with her next semester. With her Sweet Alabama charm and my Raising Heck Texan self our apartment will be anything but calm and quiet.
Morgan, Chelsea, and I headed to Find some fun

The opening of BWW in Idaho Falls
On left side: Myself, Justin L, Morgan
On right side: Josh, Nicole, Chelsea

Left to Right: Justin A, Shay, Nicole, Myself, Morgan, Chelsea

 Shay, Nicole, Myself,  Morgan, Chelsea

Nicole, Shay, Myself

The Kristen Sandwich

About to take a dive into the matresses

At the bonfire with some Idaho Potatoes

Heidi in the chambers to help her Decompression Sickness