Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Journey Continues

I have finally made it Rexburg! Driving to Rexburg felt as if I was going home. Rexburg is a small and quiet town. Life here seems to go by at a good pace. As soon as I pulled into my apartment complex I checked in and ran straight up to my apartment to see who my roommates were. Morgan was the first one here. She is from Colorado and is super chill. I have a  feeling we are going to get a long. After moving some of my things in I went to the welcome given by President Clark. Yes I went to here the president of the school speak but my main agenda was to check out the guys. Well there is a wide variety of men here at BYU-Idaho. Yes there are some nerdy ones but also there are many who are very attractive. While I was at the welcome we were put into groups to play some games I was lucky enough to find a friend Jacee. Jacee is from Southern California and we also have a lot in common. We were both not dressed to play tag and dance. She was there to also look for just cute boys rather than participate in all the ice breakers. We decided to ditch the BBQ early and head back home. She lives in a different complex and its pretty far from where we were since I live close by I offered her a ride to her place. Something strange here that I haven't seen anywhere else is that everyone offers rides. Everyone here is also overly friendly, I guess I am just not use to it. I decided to just hangout with my mom for the night and then sleep in my apartment for the first time. The next morning I hopped out of bed got ready and went to my moms hotel room for our last day together. We finished up my room and the tears began to flow. I didn't cry much till after I dropped off for the shuttle. My best friend was leaving me here in the unknown town on my own. I had to stay busy. Laundry was first on the list. When I went back to my apartment Nicole was here. She is form Missouri and is super sweet. Right now there is just three of us. The other two were here last semester and wont be back till school starts.  We stayed up last night talking about who are and what we wanted to do in life. I have a connection with these girls I have never had before. I am truly where the lord wants me to be. So I continue the journey has HE prepared for me.

Here are some pictures of my apartment